Bridget Anne




Team Members: Bridget Blankenship, Cody Blakeney, Cole Dube,
Jae Lee, Lisa Lessenger, Sam Teich


The client

The City of Austin which is seeking ways in which they can become a "smart" city by applying technology that allows collaboration between the citizens and their government.

The Problem

Traffic congestion is a large for Austin as is with most cities. Austin is growing too fast to keep up which has caused the city to create more infrastructure to combat the growing population and commuters.

The Solution

Creating an app that uses data from the city to find routes that have less congestion. Though some routes may have a longer distance drivers can travel faster and stop less which will allow for a more peaceful and predictable commute.


"Hooli is making the world a better place"-- Gavin Belson

Redirect was created at the Texas State University 2017 Hackathon. Employees of the city of Austin came to the Texas State hackathon with a couple of problems that they would like to see a new solution to. The topics ranged from traffic conditions to finding ways to house lower income families. Our team 'Team Hooli' decided to tackle the topic of traffic conditions. Once we decided on the direction we wanted our app to go in we started mind mapping, brainstorming, passing around a pokemon plushie so we knew whose turn it was to speak and got our app in gear.

... And yes before you ask, we did name our team after the tech company 'Hooli' from the show 'Silicon Valley'.


Let's get down to the research

The city of Austin provided us with resources to access data regarding the traffic flows in Austin, Texas at Peak times. Using the data provided, and also the data that our team found during research we were able to create interactive graphs that depicted the traffic patterns in Austin. Below is some of the graphs we were able to come up with regarding the traffic flow.


User personas & process

While working on redirect it was a little confussing on who we should be focusing our app for. It seems that almost everyone that lives in Austin is affected by the Austin traffic, especially those that are commuting to and from work during peak hours (like rush hour). Using that knowledge we aimed our app at being focused on those that are commuters. We sent out a survey to commuters and were able to get more data to base our personas on.


Now let's redirect to Redirect