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Volunteer Healthcare Clinic

Volunteer Healthcare Clinic
Recognition AIGA, Flux Blueridge, 2016 Publication
Group members: Bridget Blankenship, Lauren Huston, Liberty Carlin, Palak Modi, Josh Cunningham

Volunteer Healthcare Clinic

The Volunteer Healthcare, is the first free healthcare clinic in Austin. It provides services to families for free, thanks to the time, effort, and care of donors and volunteers.


In our Creative brief the client asked us to come up with a solution to try to make them more appealing to the younger donor-based generations. They wanted to be able to keep up with the modern times and relate to the new generations.


Our team came up with the solution of creating a relatable experience for the the volunteer healthcare clinic to relate to their younger generations, by creating ads and visuals with hand made typography and illustraions that can empathize with the donors.


24 Hours + A Sleepless Night + An amazing team of designers

The CreateAthon was a 24 hour experience, where we were broken up into teams and given a non profit organization as our client. We were then asked to create pieces to help the non profits fix a problem that they were currently experiencing. Right away our team split up tasks and also worked together to create the new look and feel for the Volunteer Healthcare Clinic.


The new identity

The new logo for the Volunteer Healthcare Clinic is a 'V' that is meant to represent a heart beat. We thought that a heartbeat could represent not only the heart beat of the patients but also the heartbeat of the volunteers.


'Your gift of healthcare is____' tagline and publications


"Your gift of healthcare is..."

At the createathon our team came up with a tagline that can not only be a call to action but also represent a story. We bounced around so many taglines and seetles on "your gift of healthcare is..." because whenever people donate or volunteer their time, they are allowing someone to live and witness another moment in their life. From going to the park, to spending time with their dad, and also receiving a hug from their mother. These are all moments that are special to us, and to show that the donars donations do create more special moments in another persons life makes it more meaningful.

Postcard series and pamphlet

One of our main missions at the createathon was to come up with postcards that could try and aspire the new targeted audience to come out and volunteer or donate money to the Austin Volunteer Healthcare center. With much research we found that millenials are some of the most empathetic generation yet, so we came up with the postcard series that shows a snapshot of a moment in someone's life and our new tag line "Your gift of healthcare is..."


Updated Website Design


Printed Ads

A way we were looking into reaching new donors was to create a printed ad series that expands from our postcard series. We wanted the ads to be able to still tell a story, and also be a call to action the same way our postcards were. We focused on the the small moments that we enjoy everyday such as smiling, hand holding, story time..etc, and paired the imagery with our tagline.


Awards for donations

When donors donate certain amounts of money they are awarded with rewards such as shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags etc with the Volunteer Healthcare clinic's tagline on it, but modified to say "My gift of healthcare..." to represent the gift that they have given to someone.



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