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Space Crate


Project Team Member Lisa Lessenger


Our Client for Space Crate is NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). NASA in the recent years has been losing a lot of funding to continue their research of Outer Space and Aeronautics. NASA is a big contributor to some of the greatest moments that man kind has been able to witness. They have put man on the moon, are the reason why we have memory foam mattresses, and a lot of our appliances. Not to mention they are the reason why we can discover more about the next frontier.


These days there are many uncertain feelings about NASA. Some people feel that the funding should be taken away and used for deep sea exploration. However it is still important that we continue to explore space, and to keep discovering more about what is out there.


To try and come up with a long term solution to helping bring more attention back to NASA we came up with a monthly subscription box called ‘Space Crate’. Space Crate is full of items to help children do space related science experiments, along with fun interactive merchandise that will help children become more aware and respectful of space. Along with children being affected by Space Crate, their families can also be inspired to help out NASA as they interact with the Space Crate with their children.



For the 'Space Crate' logo we created a cute alien mascot named 'Rover' after the rover that NASA put on Mars. He is the mascot not only for 'Space Crate' but is also the narrator for the 'Space Crate' App. For the trademark we wanted to show him riding through space in a space ship rendition of the 'Space Crate' box that customers receive monthly.


For the colors we focused on creating a new color palette based off of NASA's branding. We created a brighter color palette due to the users of the app and the customers of the SPace Crate being children.


When it came to the Typography for Space Crate we wanted to pick a type face that was friendly and inviting but also had an 'Out of this world' feel to it.


Space Crate: The Crate


Google cardboard

With the very first Space Crate you purchase you will receive a Google Cardboard, to use along side the Space Crate Phone app. You will be able to unlock new features with some of the Space Matter that you receive in your crate. This means that you will get the hands on experience from the science experiments but the experience would be enhanced using the Google Cardboard.

Explore SPace With Google Cardboard

Using Google Cardboard’s simulation capabilities the user can be immersed into Space with their smart phone. The Google Carboard is a good way to enhance the gaming aspect that comes along with the ‘Space Crate’ app. You will be able to further explore space and learn more about our solar system, by getting to interact with it in our gameified version.


Space Crate App experience

Creating the App

When starting to create the ‘Space Crate’ app we originally started to design for mobile phone thinking that now a days every child has a smart phone. But we were actually wrong. After doing some user interviews with teachers we discovered that most children don’t have access to smart phones like we thought.

Why the switch to tablet?

After learning that many children don’t have access to smart phones we switched our platform over to tablet, the reason being is that children are more likely to encounter a tablet at home, in public libraries, and public schools more than a smart phone. Teachers showed us that schools usually provide tablets to students for use even in the elementary grades.


Potential Users